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Discover inspirational Christian author and speaker, Matt DiConti. His impactful words and faith-driven messages bring hope and purpose to your spiritual journey. Explore his transformative books and talks today


& Finding Your Wife

Why hasn’t God brought me my wife? Doesn't he hear me? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I am meant to be alone.

In this new book from Matthew DiConti, He discusses God's plan versus your plan surrenders and strongholds and why you should  reset your thought process when it comes to women and God.


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Matt DiConti, a 52-year-old Christian Author, Public Speaker, and Host of the Podcast “Faith and Freedom with Matt DiConti", has an inspiring spiritual journey. Originally from Southern California, he grew up in a devout Catholic family, instilled with religious values and beliefs. However in 2004, a transformative shift in his faith led him to embrace a non-denominational Christian path, which shifted his perspective and guided his life's mission.


In 2020, Matt DiConti made a profound commitment to his faith by undergoing baptism in the Pacific Ocean, signifying his unwavering dedication to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Alongside his loving wife Kristin,  Matt continues his mission and ministry, using his gifts as an author and public speaker to touch the hearts of many and share the message of faith and freedom.  Matt's life story is a testament to the power of faith, transformation, and the enduring love of God.

Inspirational Christian author and speaker, Matt DiConti
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Faith and Freedom

by Matthew DiConti

Welcome to Faith in Freedom with Matthew DiConti a podcast where Faith meets freedom from strongholds. Join Matt as he explores the intersection of faith and freedom, engaging in thought-provoking conversations regarding various subjects. Through insightful discussions and stories, we seek to inspire and challenge listeners on their faithful…


by Matthew DiConti

Matthew Diconti
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