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Welcome to The home site of Matt DiConti Ministries. Matt is a seasoned Christian Author, Public Speaker, and Podcast Host with a heart for ministry. At 52 years young, Matt's Journey has been marked by a profound spiritual transformation, got him from his Catholic roots to a vibrant life of non-denominational Christianity.

Matt’s story is one of evolving faith and unwavering commitment. Raised in the Catholic tradition by his parents Robert (a Catholic High School teacher ) and his mother Alicia (a Catechism and Confirmation teacher).  Matt's search for God led him to a pivotal moment in 2004 when he embraced non-denominational Christianity. This life-changing decision ignited a profound journey of faith that continues to shape his ministry today.

Inspirational Christian author and speaker, Matt DiConti. His impactful words and faith-driven messages bring hope and purpose to your spiritual journey. Explore his transformative books and talks today


Matt's mission includes his writing, public speaking, and his podcasts. In his podcast “ Faith and Freedom with Matt DiConti”, he invites listeners to explore the intersections of faith and freedom in today's complex world. His thought-provoking conversations, insightful commentary, and inspirational messages serve as a guiding light for those navigating the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Beyond his ministry and public speaking, Matt's life is enriched by his loving marriage to his wife Kristin. Together they exemplify the beauty of a christ-centered marriage, demonstrating the strength and joy that faith can bring to a marriage. Together they lead SYMBIS premarital classes and have ministered to married couples working through difficult times. They founded Flesh and Spirit Ministries” as well as the up and coming “The Faith Experience” podcast.

Matt DiConti’s life story serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith, and the unwavering commitment to share God's message of love and freedom. Join Matt on his journey of discovery, faith, and inspiration.

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